DCM Management Team

The origin of the DCM dates back to 1889, when Delhi Cloth & General Mills was established. Founded by Lala Sri Ram, DCM started its journey with the incorporation of a public limited Company on March 26, 1889, in the name and style of Delhi Cloth & General Mills Co. Limited under the provisions of Act VI of 1882.

Over the years, the DCM Group became one of India’s largest conglomerates. Consisting of a large number of Companies/Divisions, reputed for their product quality, dynamism, and business integrity along with their quick response to changes in the environment. It expanded and diversified its activities into a number of manufacturing activities such as Textiles, Sugar, Chemicals, Rayon, Tyre Cord, Fertilizers, Information Technology and Engineering Products etc. The name of the Company was changed on October 6, 1983, to DCM Limited.

One of the main reasons for the Group’s success is its focus on technology and quality. With the backing of its people, it’s technology and its alliances, the DCM Group is able to tackle any challenges that come its way.

The World over, the 80’s was the decade of diversification. However, the 90’s were a time for consolidation and focusing on core business areas. The DCM Group, too, decided to move out of those business ventures which did not fit into its overall strategic vision. Its thrust is now on value-added products, on high technology sunrise industries.

The business of the Company was reorganized with effect from 1.4.1990 under a Scheme of Arrangement under section 391 / 394 of the Companies Act, 1956 approved by the shareholders, creditors and the financial institutions and sanctioned by the Honourable High Court of Delhi at New Delhi in 1990. Under the said reorganization, all units of the Company existing at that time stood vested and/or continued to vest in terms of the said Scheme into four separate companies namely,

  • DCM Limited (DCM)
  • DCM Shriram Industries Limited
  • DCM Shriram Consolidated Limited
  • Shriram Industrial Enterprises Limited

Today, after the said reorganization, DCM headed by Dr. Vinay Bharat Ram covers the activities of manufacturing / sale of castings to the automotive industry and real estate development. Over this long period of history, DCM has built its corporate philosophy synonymous with corporate dynamism and business integrity. DCM inherits its values from late Lala Shri Ram, one of India’s most prominent, honoured and dynamic business leaders.