DCM Textiles (Textile Division of DCM Ltd.)

DCM Textiles is a Division of DCM Limited., a 120 years old company. Over this long period of history, DCM has built its corporate philosophy synonymous with corporate dynamism and business integrity. DCM inherits its values from late Lala Shri Ram, one of India’s most prominent, honored and dynamic business leaders.

Anticipating the tremendous boom in the textile sector, nationally as well internationally, the spinning mills at Hisar was re-started in the year 1991 with a capacity of 33000 spindles as a unit of DCM Limited. The location of the spinning mills is in heart of cotton belt in Haryana and helps in picking up the best quality cotton.

Capacity was increased over the years. In 2005 the unit had a capacity of 43000 spindles when further expansion plan was put into implementation with modern, state-of-the-art technology with this expansion, Capacity increased to 74436 spindles. The textile division is highly focused on exports and has the presence in 25 countries which include Portugal, Egypt, S. Korea, Brazil, Hong Kong, China, Bangladesh, Italy, USA, and Peru.

The company has a strong dealer network in India and yarn is being supplied to all major hosiery & weaving markets and corporate buyers.

DCM Textiles was certified for ISO 9002 for the first time in the year 1995 and thereafter it has been recertified from time to time. The unit is also vigorously working on TQM concepts and has achieved many milestones in concepts of autonomous maintenance, quality circles, employee involvement in improvements (Kaizens), 5S, PQCDSM on the shop floor and developing QA system. Cross-functional teams are active to improve critical areas.

DCM textiles employs more than 1000 people at its manufacturing plant at Hisar, Haryana.